Unique Items

This item is a mobile Pizza Truck.  Go into business today.  Auction price $145,000.

1208 Bidders at $120 Auction Entry Fee.

Fun Items

Buy this toy just in time for that special birthday.  Auction price $59.

11 Bidders at $8 Auction Entry Fee.

Charity Auctions

Support victims around the world.

Charity $840,000

Donated by Company $140,000

Skill Bid 100,000 Mall Tokens

Overhead $60,000

5000 Bidders at $200 Auction Entry Fee.

Buy with Skill

The Skill Auction is a new and exciting auction only possible because of blockchain technology.

We will take and make payments via the blockchain. This means anyone in the world will be able to participate instantly via computer and cell phones. Additionally, because we use the blockchain, we will be able to tie the assets of the auction into immutable tokens. Those tokens will be easily identified and traded around the world.  You might even receive your next luxury home token for $100!

Our auctions are not like anything you have seen before.  Instead of waiting until the last minute and constantly push the button to bid up the price, hoping you will be the last one to bid, our auctions depends highly on the skill of the bidder.  In other words, over time you should learn how to increase the number of auctions where you become the Buyer.  Hint, bid early, bid often but do not run out of your allotted bids before the end of the auction!


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