Our Approach

Our approach was to create advertising in special coded eBooks in such a way that both the advertiser and our marketing system jointly benefit. The end goal is to create a mall and auction that will allow anyone to sell anything at the best price, while providing income for those who want to help advertise our programs.

Our Story

We have built a strong team of professionals in many fields to bring this together.  We have a database of over 500,000 active customers to bring the auction and mall to reality once the auction is launched.

Meet the Visionary

The Founder has spent years designing and implementing programming and marketing solutions.  The Skill Auction is an integral part of the plan to be able to market any product or service, at any price with any margin, using any currency or pay processor, anyplace in the world.  The full program is to create an income for everyone without needing to take any funds from their pocket.

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Roger Johnsrud

Founder / CEO