What is the ICO?

This website is NOT the ICO but only to alert potential investors that we will be doing an ICO that includes the Auction.  We will distribute 300,000 tokens which will share 30% or more of the profits from the auctions.

We expect ICO Auction Share Tokens to sell at $100 per share, increasing in price every 10,000 tokens until sold.  Each $100 in token purchases will receive a HlyGrail Token as equity valued at $140.  Watch the Video!

Where can I find the ICO?

The ICO is expected to launch first quarter 2018.  There is a way to earn First Mover or Auction Share Tokens prior to the ICO.

Contact the person who sent you to this website, if you are interested in participating in the pre ICO and independent marketing.  Check what you can make!

If you have no referral, leave your contact information in the BLOG under the ICO post.


Auction Share Tokens

Qualified Auction Share Tokens will share about 6% to 20% of the total collected for General Auctions with all Qualified Auction Share Token holders.  If the Qualified token holder participates in a Participation Auction, they will share with only Qualified token holders who participate in the auction.  This will significantly increase your share because most token holders will not participate in the same auctions.

Qualified means the Auction Share Token has been purchased a minimum of 60 days prior to the auction.  This is to prevent someone from purchasing a token just before a big auction.

There will be a maximum of 300,000 Auction Share Tokens issued.

First Mover Tokens

First Mover Tokens can only be created by those helping bring the company to market.  There will be 30,000 First Mover Tokens issued.  Each First Mover Token will receive one of the 300,000 Auction Share Tokens prior to launch of the ICO.

First Mover Tokens wave the age requirement for Auction Share Tokens, meaning the Auction Share Token can share in auction profits immediately.  First Mover Tokens also receive an extra bid in the auctions.  First Mover Tokens share profits in special First Mover Participation Auctions.

If you are interested in receiving First Mover Tokens by helping the company marketing, contact the person who sent you to the website.

HlyGrail Tokens

HlyGrail Tokens are an integral part of our mall and auctions.  Each token provides $140 for a basic HlyGrail Intellectual Property File.  This entire company and system are patented with the HlyGrail algorithm.  Most sellers will want a token to create Certificates of Authenticity for auction products.

Some of the funds for the ICO will be used to modernize and commercialize the HlyGrail system.

The HlyGrail Tokens will be used as equity in our ICO crowdfunding.

All tokens can be sold or traded.